Burnout-proof your business with your own signature program...

so you can do what you love and help more people while creating more free time, flexibility, and financial success for yourself.


You love having your own business.

Helping the people you're meant to help, making your own rules, setting your own schedule—it's all so great.

Except for one tiny little thing...

you're not actually experiencing the freedom you thought your business would bring you.

So far, it seems like you only have two options: 

1) Work more hours to make the money you want to make (which feels pretty much impossible at the moment)


2) Have the flexible schedule you need but take a massive pay cut (also not really possible at the moment because...bills)

The way things are in your business right now, it might feel like having both the schedule you need and the bank account you want just isn't possible.

If you're like most wellness pros with a dream to help people and make money doing it, you can’t quite seem to figure out how to turn your passion into the profitable business you know it can be—at least not without it requiring tons of time and energy from you.

You're working to fill your calendar with clients, but it's a challenge. It's not as easy as you thought it would be to find the number of clients you need. Not to mention, the clients you do have—as much as you love them—require a lot of energy from you.

Let's face it, it's exhausting. You wanted to be your own boss for a reason—to make your own schedule, have more free time, and uncap your income potential. But, as of right now, that seems just like a magical, far-off fantasy. 

If you're like most of my clients, you know there's something more out there for you.

You really love your clients and the work you do, but it also feels limiting and kinda draining, if we're being totally honest. The paperwork, the emails, the scheduling—it adds up quickly until one day you start feeling like your business has just become another J-O-B.

At this point, maybe you're thinking,

"There's gotta be a better way." 

  • A way for you to help the people you're meant to help without it taking more time and energy away from you
  • A way for you to have the business of your dreams and also have time for yourself, your family, and your own self-care
  • A way for you to make money that isn't directly tied to the hours that you work

A way to burnout-proof your business.

If I'm speaking your language right now, you're not alone. It's a common spot to be in as a heart-centered wellness pro—knowing you're meant to help people, but also being protective of your own time, energy, health, and self-care.

Wanting to be of service, but also wanting time and financial freedom for yourself.

Needing your business (ahem, bank account) to grow but being unwilling to sacrifice more of your time to make it happen.

The truth is, if you don't find a way to help more people without it taking more time from you, your business and income level simply can't grow.

You'll stay stuck in a pattern of trading your time for dollars, spinning your wheels trying to find enough clients to pay your bills, and working more and more hours to make it all happen.

Wait, hold up—get out of that low-vibe spiral, my friend!

I've got good news for you...

There IS a way to have it all.

Which of these sound like you?
While you love your clients and work, you’re burnt out from 1:1 sessions and need another way to make an income for your sanity’s sake.
You're ready to start your business and do great things, but you already know the 1:1 client model isn't for you. Your business goals include working less and making more, not the other way around.
You have big dreams of making a real impact in the world, but also...INTROVERT 🙋‍♀️. There has to be a way to help people without it being so energetically draining.
You started your own business to have more freedom and flexibility, yet you’re still spending more time attached to your computer than out living your life.
Finding enough 1:1 clients to make the money you need to make has been challenging to say the least. You need a more profitable approach and fast.
You know you need multiple income streams to truly make this business work, but don't have the time or mental capacity to figure it all out on your own.
Which of these sound like you?
While you love your clients and work, you’re burnt out from 1:1 client sessions and need another way to make an income for your sanity’s sake.
You're ready to start your business and do great things, but you already know the 1:1 client model isn't for you. Your business goals include working less and making more, not the other way around.
You started your own business to have more freedom and flexibility, yet you’re still spending more time attached to your computer than out living your life.
You have big dreams of making a real impact in the world, but also...INTROVERT 🙋‍♀️. There has to be a way to help people without it being so energetically draining.
Finding enough 1:1 clients to make the money you need to make has been challenging to say the least. You need a more profitable approach and fast.
You know you need multiple income streams to truly make this business work, but simply don't have the time or mental capacity to figure it out.

Most wellness pros are protective of their time, energy, and stress levels (and rightfully so).

And, it's no secret that 1-on-1 clients will always require more time and energy from you. If you ever want to make more money, that means you're working more hours and spending more time away from the people and things you love.

So then, how can you expect to increase your income and work less if you don't add in a business model that doesn't require trading time for dollars?

Imagine turning your knowledge and experience into a digital program that immediately frees up your time and energy, no matter how many people you help.

Just imagine...

💭  You create your own work schedule that allows for leisurely mornings, extended self-care breaks, and shutting things down for the day just in time for the kids to get home from school, the pups need a walk, or your fave yoga class starts. 
💭 While doing your monthly accounting, you realize you’ve had another record-breaking month of income while spending more time away from your screen than ever. 
💭 You take a month off in between groups to take your dream vacation, spend quality time with your loved ones, and get weekly massages. 
💭 You regularly get messages from your clients all over the world sharing how much you’ve helped them, all while you stay stress and burnout-free. 
You’ve built the freedom-filled, purpose-driven business of your dreams that doesn't rely on your time or energy to thrive.

Yes, it's actually possible...


A schedule that leaves you burnt out, exhausted, unfulfilled, and energetically drained


A completely open calendar so you can spend your time the way you want


Relying on one income stream (that's dependent on your time) to pay your bills


Creating an income stream that exponentially increases your revenue while you work fewer hours


Helping one person at a time even though you know you can make a bigger impact


Helping a group of people at one time while also providing a safe, effective space for your clients to get results

Signature programs are simply the best way to do what you love and help more people while also creating more time and financial freedom for yourself.


Sure Shawn, that all sounds great, BUT...

"I don't even know what I would create a program about."

"I don't have the time to create an entire program right now."

"The whole process seems way too overwhelming and complicated. I'll just keep doing what I've been doing."

"I'm not good at tech, there's no way I could make a digital program happen."

And most importantly...

"Selling it sounds stressful. How do I build an audience to sell it to and do so in a way where I don't feel like a used car salesman?"

Don't worry, no need to stress about any of that, my friend. I got you covered!

I know, from my own personal experience, how overwhelming it can feel to even think about creating your first program from scratch—deciding on the best topic, organizing it so it makes sense, figuring out ALLL the tech stuff, and selling it...yikes!

And I know it can seem like building a curated audience that's interested in your work is an uphill battle these days. (It's really not, I promise.) But, it's also one of those things that you just gotta do to take your business to the next level.

All of this is exactly why I've created a special, one-of-a-kind course bundle just for you...

The most comprehensive, proven system to successfully build, launch, and sell your very own group program to a curated, "perfect fit" audience that's ready to buy 

The Signature Program Lab is an action-based, time-saving program that... 

  • Guides you through the step-by-step process of organizing, building, launching, and selling your own group program without the overwhelm or frustration of trying to DIY-ing something you shouldn't be DIY-ing
  • Gives you a simplified and organized system for you to create your program with ease, knowing you're not missing any steps or forgetting something important
  • Lays out the exact framework to price your program and make it an irresistible offer that will have your clients begging to work with you
  • Sets you up for program launch success, complete with exactly what to say to promote your program without feeling like a used car salesman.
  • Takes you behind the scenes with ALLLL the tech tutorials to get your program working flawlessly on the backend so you can be hands-off while knowing your clients are having an incredible experience 

The Launch List Accelerator is an action-based, time-saving program that... 

  • Sets you up for guaranteed launch success by taking you through the process of building your email list full of people that are a perfect match for your program
  • Walks you through all the tools and strategies to create an epic freebie that will effortlessly attract the right people to your work
  • Gives you a no-brainer marketing plan to promote your freebie and paid offer on your platform(s) of choice (Never know what to post on social media to get people on your list? I got you!)
  • Creates an automated system that turns cold leads into raving fans in less than a week by way of a warm welcome sequence
  • Takes the guesswork out of the behind the scenes tech setup so your email list can continue to grow on autopilot
  • Answers all the questions you didn't even know you had about email lists: What do I say in my emails? How do I get people to open my emails? How do I email people without being annoying? Why do people unsubscribe?

After going through the Signature Program Bundle, you'll have:

  • A successful, professional group program that allows you to help more of the people you're meant to help while you work less
  • A business model you can scale (AKA make more money) that doesn't require more time or energy from you
  • A streamlined, repeatable launch and sales process that makes selling your program effortless and authentic
  • An automated system working BTS that consistently attracts new "perfect match" audience members every single month that are primed and ready to buy
  • Endless ideas for content (social media posts, email newsletters, podcast topics, etc.) that draw attention and engagement from the right people for your program
  • An algorithm-proof business that keeps growing even during the next Instagram and Facebook outage #instagramdown
"I've attracted a highly engaged email list of over 250 leads, tripled my social media following, and sold out me beta-launch in under 4 hours!"
"Since joining, I've attracted a highly engaged email list of over 250 leads (starting from almost scratch), tripled my social media following, and sold out my beta-launch in under 4 hours! I've gained SO much confidence and gotten over my fears by working with Shawn."

– Anna H., Chronic Pain Recovery Therapist + Coach, @anna_holtzman


When you join the Signature Program Bundle, you get immediate and lifetime access to:

  • 30+ go-at-your-own-pace video lessons guiding you through my proven systems to create a profitable signature program and engaged launch list so that you feel clear and confident on your next steps throughout the entire process
  • A complete video tutorial library with over 20+ step-by-step tech tutorials saving you hours and ensuring you never have to worry that you’ll get caught up in a tech frustration spiral. (It’s real.)
  • Your own digital program planner to walk you through every step of the process so you always know your next step and never miss an important piece to the program creation puzzle
  • Email "best practice" handbook - Your go-to reference manual for everything email lists including what to write, when to send, how often, how to get your emails opened, etc.
  • 60+ social media promotional strategies so you can get people off the app and onto your list with minimal effort or spending all day posting

  •  10+ secret email list growth strategies you can implement today that will keep your list growing exponentially for years to come with no extra effort on your part

  • 8-, 12-, and 16-week program creation calendars and planners so you stay organized and on track with your program creation timeline
  • Pop-up office hours with Shawn for Q&A, coaching, and support as you build your program
  • A private online community full of like-minded program creators to get feedback, answers, guidance, and friendship during your program creation process and beyond
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS to all course materials, LIVE Q&A calls, private community, future course additions, updates, and bonus offerings
Here's A Sneak Peak!

Got a lot of random ideas, but having trouble making sense of them?

Know you want your own Signature Program, but can't land on a topic?

Have the perfect Signature Program idea, but worried it won't be successful?

No matter what your current situation, you're covered in the DREAM IT! module. We'll take your ideas and turn them into a profitable program topic, plus get proof that your program will be a success and achieve your revenue goals.

  • Determine the most impactful AND profitable topic for your signature program that will immediately get your dream client’s attention
  • Create your Signature Statement so you're clear on who, specifically, your program helps
  • Generate revenue (aka money in the bank!) before you put any time, effort, and energy into actually building your program
  • Determine the price point of your program so you can achieve your income goals and get paid what you’re worth (without having to wait until you have a bigger audience)
  • Get proof of concept for your program before you start creating it so you know it will be a success from the start
  • Decide on a program creation timeline using the Brainstorm-To-Beta Launch Planners and get your weekly tasks organized so you stay on track

We all love a good brainstorm sesh, but those random thoughts won't do anybody any good until they're organized. It's time to take that brainstorm and make sense of it! This is where your ideas take shape and your program gets structure.

  • Create a foolproof system to position yourself as the expert in your topic and stand out in your industry (even if it’s already saturated!)
  • Break down the journey that you’re going to take your dream clients on into small, actionable, digestible steps.
  • Determine the key ingredients of your program that will make it stand out from the crowd and have your dream clients begging to work with you
  • Design your Signature Framework that will ensure your program is unique to you and stands out in your industry
  • Determine the structure, organization, and flow for your program that works for both you and your clients

There's nothing worse than creating an amazing program to share with the world that's...ugly.

Nope, not here. The DESIGN IT! module is here to make sure your Signature Program is beautiful and well-branded so it catches your dream client's attention.

  • Design your program’s branding and logo so you have a beautiful, professional program that will draw your dream clients into your work
  • Decide on a name for your program that lets your dream client know you created it for them
  • Choose the colors and fonts that best represent your program and the experience your dream client will have
  • Design your logo using your well-thought out branding

Things are about to get REAL! This module is where the rubber meets the road and your Signature Program becomes a reality!

Typically, this is the most overwhelming aspect for program creators that stops many people in their tracks. That's not the case with the BUILD IT! module in your life! Building your program will be fun, simple, and organized.

  • Chunk up your action items into doable steps and schedule them out accordingly to keep it stress-free and fun instead of overwhelming.
  • Bring your program to life using video, audio, and written lessons with complete, step-by-step tutorials on how to record, edit, and upload your content 
  • Design branded, professional PDF's to accompany your program content and provide extra value to your clients (tech tutorial included)
  • Build out your clean, organized, user-friendly program in your online portal (tech tutorials included)

Welcome to the most important step of the program-creation journey. Why? Because without an offer, you can't make any sales!

You have something great to share with the world. And, for people to know how great it is, you have to have a great offer.

  • Build out all 5 components of your irresistible offer so you’ll have people lining up to get into your program without ever having to “sell”
  • Decide on the pricing structure of your Signature Program
  • Effectively communicate the value of the program so your dream clients are begging to work with you
  • Decide on bonuses, incentives, and guarantees to make your dream client's decision even easier
  • Set up your checkout page, thank you page, and welcome email sequence so your clients have a great experience while signing up for your program (tech tutorial included)

The very last thing to do? Get that amazing Signature Program out into the world and into the hands of the people that need your help!

In the LAUNCH IT! module, you will be fully set up and supported so your first launch is a success. You'll also use this beta-launch to collect valuable feedback, testimonials, and case studies to include in your marketing material for future launches.

  • Develop a customized and organized launch plan and promotional strategy that feels good to you so you can confidently share about your program and attract the right people to your work
  • Learn how to use a live workshop as a free event to kick off your launch that will turn lurkers into buyers while also building your email list and audience
  • Keep you organized, planned out, and on track to reach your launch date with complete clarity on what you should be doing every step of the way
  • Write and schedule your launch emails using the "Mad Libs" style email templates provided
  • Get unique ideas to build your audience with dream clients as you're preparing to launch
  • Build out the entire launch flow in your online portal so you can sit back and relax come launch week (tech tutorials included)



$1000 value

 Get access to the exact email templates I use for all of my sold-out launches that will save you literally WEEKS of time and allowing you to effectively market and sell your program to your audience without feeling sales-y or pushy.

TIME SAVED = 30-50 hours Included inside of Signature Program Lab


$500 value

There's one type of freebie that blows all the others out of the water...a quiz. Quizzes are fun and irresistible for your audience and easy for you to create. Win-win!

Should your freebie be a quiz? Probably. But don't even think about trying to create one without this training. 

TIME SAVED = 20-30 HOURS Included inside of Signature Program Lab


$700 value

Done-for-you sales page template and copy with 50+ high-converting prompts that don’t feel sales-y or pushy. Plus, a step-by-step tech tutorial on how to build the back-end of your sales page.

TIME SAVED = 40-80 hours Included inside of Signature Program Lab


Real talk: Trying to DIY your business growth is expensive.

The wrong structure, the wrong strategy, the mistakes, the blunders, and the bad marketing all can cost you thousands of dollars while you make absolutely zero progress in your business.

Not to mention the hours and hours of valuable time lost trying to figure everything out on your own. Time you could otherwise be spending making a solid income doing what you love while you work less. 

Signature Program Lab is specifically designed to save you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and dozens of frustration headaches, all while creating a tool for your business that will exponentially increase your income while giving you hours of time back.

That means more time and more money for you with a highly impactful group experience for your clients. That's incredibly valuable stuff right there.

And, I could add a price tag to match. 

But, because I'm so passionate about what this is going to do for your business and really want to make this accessible to every small business owner, I'm going to sweeten the deal. I normally price these two programs at $1797 for Signature Program Lab and $697 for Launch List Accelerator. 

But, right now, I'd love to offer you $2494 in courses for 50% off!
One easy payment of
$1297 USD
12 monthly payments of
$150 USD


I know that investing in your business is a big decision. I’m also fully confident that the value this program will bring to your business far outweighs the investment you will make today. Because I want to make sure you feel as confident with your decision as I do, I’m offering you a no-risk guarantee. If you go through Signature Program Lab in its entirety, apply and take action on all of the teachings in your business, and don’t make your investment back in 3 months, I will give you your money back. All you have to do is show me that you completed all of the work, and I’ll immediately refund you, no questions asked.

"This program basically gave me a 7-year shortcut."

“I am so much farther along than I would ever be on my own. My gosh, you basically gave me a 7-year shortcut! I can’t even believe this is the same business or I am the same person. Such a transformation. I truly feel like I’m on my path to living my dream life."  

– Trisha B., Social Business Expert + Advocate, trishabaileyphd

"I know I wouldn't have been able to do all of this without SPL."

“Shawn, you have made everything so easy and understandable. I appreciate you for going the extra mile to give us ALL the tools you use to build your programs. I know I wouldn't have been able to do this all without SPL. 

This program will be SOOO HELPFUL to all the entrepreneurs who are looking to make a big step in their business and create their very own signature program without the stress that comes with it. After seeing the whole process, creating a group program isn't so scary after all."

 — Joanna C., Mindset Coach, @hicoachjojo

"SPL was soooo worth the investment and has already saved me countless hours."

"SPL was everything I didn't know I needed. It was soooo worth the investment and has already saved me countless hours. I would be years behind without the support of SPL."

–Angie M. - Career Coach, @getajobwithangie

You might be thinking...

"I don't have enough experience to create a program."

Here's the truth: You only need to be a few steps ahead of someone else to make a massive impact in their life. If everyone waited to feel like an "expert" in their field, we would all still be waiting on the strugglebus with no one to help us!

You don't need to be a popular leading expert in your industry, you just need to be an expert in your approach (which you'll do inside SPL) and how YOU show up as a guide, mentor, and support system for your clients.

Some of the best and most successful group programs are the ones that cover the basics, the foundational aspects of someone's journey. You have that inside of you already, I know that for sure.

Or, maybe you're telling yourself...

"I don't have a big enough audience to sell my program."

Let's rephrase that...you didn't have a big enough audience—until you joined the Launch List Accelerator! This situation is exactly why I've included LLA in this bundle.

It's actually not about growing a big audience, it's about building an aligned, curated audience of people that are a "perfect match" for your program. And it's something that will happen at the same time that you're building your program and because of your program. 

Yep, your program will actually be the thing that magnetizes your engaged, aligned audience because of the clarity and focus it will bring to your business. Win-win! 


Hey there, I'm Shawn...

A self-proclaimed chocoholic, slightly overprotective dog mom, and the creator of the Signature Program Bundle!

I've been at this entrepreneurship thing since 2013 when I quit my safe, comfortable, corporate job to start my own personal training business...with absolutely NO idea what I was doing.

My first few years in business, I was burnt out and broke.

I did the work required to build up my client roster and had a full schedule of 1-on-1 clients. I was working 6 days a week, all hours of the day, and still barely making ends meet. I was exhausted and energetically depleted. I knew there had to be a better way.

It wasn't until September 2016 when I made a massive shift in my business that changed things for me forever.

One day, I had this realization:

"Why don't I take everything I'm saying over and over to my clients and put it all in one place for them to go through as a group?"

Within a matter of months, my first signature program was born. That little program ended up impacting the lives of over +3,000 people and generated over $700K of passive income before I retired it 3 years later. From then on, I was hooked on signature programs!

Since that time, things have only gotten better in my business as I create more signature programs. It's become simple, streamlined, and stress-free while remaining wildly fulfilling, impactful, and financially freeing.

Now it's your turn.

You love what you do but are burnt out from working with 1:1 clients and ready to diversify your income streams
You want to spend less time working and more time enjoying life but aren’t sure how to do that without it affecting your income
You want to kick your business off with a signature program—you already know the 1:1 client model isn't for you
Is Signature Program Lab right for you?
You love what you do but are burnt out from working with 1:1 clients and ready to diversify your income streams
You want to spend less time working and more time enjoying life but aren’t sure how to do that without it affecting your income
You want to start your business off right away with a group program model—you already know the 1:1 client model isn't for you
Have a question? I bet I have an answer!
One easy payment of
$1297 USD
6 monthly payments of
$299 USD